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Question #1- What is the SWMCA Schoolhouse line?
The SWMCA Schoolhouse (official name <I>SWMCA Educator's Program</I>) is a series of fonts specifically designed for use
in settings from preschool to the American [United States] 4th grade classroom. For text books in these grade levels Futura or 
Cosmic Sans is almost always used, as well as for assignment papers and tests. Rarely Helvetica is used too. While there's absolutely
nothing wrong with using these fonts, SWMCA thought it was a bunch of crap that educators were (and still are) restricted largely to these
fonts. Less than 20 of the top 500 commercial fonts are suited for classroom use below Junior High School. For cursive it's even worse, as
Learning Cursive (also known as the <I>Palmer Method</I>) was the only one available.
<P>STATEMENT #1- The purpose of SWMCA's Schoolhouse line: SWMCA's way of giving back to educators (who are already overworked and underpaid)!
ANSWER: Oftentimes educators teaching in public schools rather than the already cash-strapped [in many cases] school districts
pay for supplies in the classrooms -along with the principal in rural or ghetto schools. The paycheck is so little that in many cases it mize well cease to exist.
Many of these teachers and principals do it for the love of educating kids. This is why SWMCA decided to create it's Educator Program. Currently only Manuscript alphabets 
are offered, but Cursive (or script) fonts are in the works and coming. The first one of the cursive will be release in 2004, later than desired, but better than not at all.
A lot of the cursive schoolhouse fonts will be offered based on the Palmer method of writing since it's the most widely used, but some may have sub-fonts based on others based on Spencian (Spencer Bros.)
or other methods. SWMCA is a proud member of  International Association of Master Penmen and Teachers of Handwriting and Engrossers (joining October 2, 2013), even-though the membership is listed under the founder's personal name rather than SWMCA. While the internet is the wave of the future and is very important to
have in the classroom, SWMCA champions bringing penmanship skills back to class! While some efforts may have been made to mimic existing printer fonts for school use by those out side of the graphics industry...who better to create a elementary classroom version 
of an existing font than the original designer(s), in this case SWMCA? Not all SWMCA fonts will be available
with Schoolhouse designation, but we plan to do enough of them so by 2017, educators have real choice. Are we on an ego trip to out-do other foundries?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact we hope they'll join on this us. That would be good for the entire graphics and visual arts industry and communities...-not just SWMCA! <P>There are a number of individuals who will make a font or two and then put it on the teacher's resource website.
The problem is they're hard to find for educators in remote areas and parents. Some even require passwords and/or fees. Even of the amateur fonts, at,
the website where SWMCA fonts are available upon release, There were less that 150 fonts out of at least 20,000 suitable for the grammar school environment.
What sets SWMCA apart is that it has been a font creator (or <I>fontographer</I> in industry jargon) since it's 1977 founding. As of this 2013 writing almost 40 years! 
Many amateurs do have a love for fonts but have designed less than 5 or ten in their lifetimes. SWMCA has over 30 font families that could be converted to