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Special thanks to Internet Archive "http:archive.org" This would not be possible without them.

THE 9-11 DIASTER MESSAGE (includes link to regular website of that time.

ABAI Original body art website [later to become Flesh-R-Artz] as it appeared for it's second anniversary in 2003 with an advanced entry page.


Thanksgiving/Christmas 2002

Valentines Day 2002

"S.A.S works for me!" [whatever that was]


E-mail service was offered for years exclusively on what would become Flesh-R-Artz [the main body art website] It was provided via Instant Portal (or i-p.com) Here's a link to one of their generic entries. We eventually provided service from a rival, but kept them all the way until they went out of the e-mail business in 2006 as a service to those who signed up for it. Later we offered it via abathatatz.zzn.com, or the Zap Zone Network. You can click here to get there. As of March 2016 the URL is still active. Both had our own unique look later replaced againist our will with their [the service's own] template. It was never offered at Another Website to keep the "generic" nature of the website. It wasn't offered at Letz Sav-Ya-Mor either to keep it a no-frills website. Nor was e-mail service offered at ABAI-ICQ Service for obvious reasons. More on that further below. It finally was offered on our nostalgia website Rollin' on the 8-Track, the final ABAI website. This was a short lived website that opened but never was completed. A few other websites were in various degrees of completion were being built at the time, but they never did open. Less than 6 months later we would be suspending most of our operations for almost 3 years.

We were extra early
with social media!

Link to ABAI-ICQ Service [Sept. 26, 2004] via Internet Archive, using pop-up window. Poor Quality. The only preservation of our involvement in ICQ. soon to be replaced by:
if all goes as planned!